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Stay Cute in the Cold

By Kendall Dendtler-Coward♥, FIT Hot Topics Fall Intern.

                How is anyone supposed to look hot in this cold?

Colection of cute outfits that are warmIt’s about that time of year again. Put away your Old Navy flip flops and break out the Swiss Miss hot chocolate because it’s officially winter! :) We all know how hard it can be to shop for winter clothes that are not just warm but stylish too. It is truly an art form that requires effort.

Outerwear: Don’t hesitate to invest in a heavy coat that will last you a long time. Whether it’s a Pea Coat or a long Nylon Winter Jacket pair it with gloves and a hat that suit your mood.


Layer a cardigan over a fitted top: If you’re going for a polished and professional, look layer a cardigan over a fitted top. I’m not a fan of matching cardigan and shell look – it’s very dated and can be a bit boring. I’d rather drop the ‘matching’ and go for two different colors.

Over the knee socks: Layering is not only for the upper part of your body. Layer the bottom half with tights and leggings worn under a skirt with knee-high boots. For a warm fashionable look put on over the knee socks  that are long enough to peep out of your boots.

Long sleeve shirt under a short jacket: Wearing tight fitting, long sleeved shirts under T-shirt is not the way to go, if you’re no longer a teenager. But wearing a tight regular long sleeve shirt under a short leather jacket with 3/4 sleeves and a scarf is going to make you look very stylish and chic.

Boots: I’m no fashionista but if  there’s one thing to know about daily fashion your supposed to know that your footwear creates your outfit.  Don’t be uncertain when indulging on shoes, especially for the winter time. Boots are best whether they’re Hunter rain boots or Steve Madden leather boots, it differs depending on your outfit. For those days when you don’t want to be so casual and switch it up instead of wearing wedges heels or flats, throw on some boots. Boots go with practically anything.