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Hurricane Sandy Update

By , November 1, 2012 11:36 am

The blog is back up! It had gone done at some point during the hurricane…


FIT cancelled ALL classes through Sunday, November 4th, 2012. Some offices at FIT are open with limited staff until 4pm today and tomorrow (Friday).
More info here:



Retail Forecast: Christmas 2012

By , October 12, 2012 10:08 am

Christmas 2012 Retail Forecast

Fashion’s Night Out!!

By , September 6, 2012 10:35 am

What will you be doing tonight??

Fashion's Night Out logo


New Digital Aesthetic = Pure Genius

By , August 27, 2012 8:31 am

Written by Chelsea Candelario, FIT Hot Topics Summer Intern.

While browsing through, I came across three collections of Fashion Forecast. I was completely drawn by the detailed clothing that matched the similarity of objects and themes. New Digital Aesthetic, Next Nature, and Neo-Geo all present a different side of something completely out of the ordinary and new for Spring/Summer ’14.

One of the collections I looked into was New Digital Aesthetic. They were inspired by the online culture of design. The digital ideas are put upon the construction and colors of the designs. Four themes that struck out with N.D.A are Preppy Pixel, Digital Fantasy, Cyber Strange, and Chemical Cartoon.

Preppy Pixel present designs that look like it could have been created on a computer. It brings on a ‘nerd quality’ giving colors that are simple such as black, white, blue, and grey.  Most of the attire consists of suits and layered women wear.

However, as I go through the slides, the theme shifts. It becomes more colorful. Blue, green, and red come together like I never seen before. The colors are either coming together or staying independent. The frequent show of blocks and pixel-like shapes still make their comeback to present the modern world of technology quality.

As I looked through Digital Fantasy, I stepped into a world unlike my own. The designs are out of this world. It starts off with bright neon colors and move to serene pastel colors. Fabrics such as wool and sheer become used for a two-piece assemble, over the knee dresses and complicated shirts. Characteristics of technology inspire the intricate details of these garments to bring out a unique feel of living in the digital 21st century.

Cyber Strange lives up to its name. Sleeveless suits and open up heels have presented themselves on the slides.  At first, I was confused and wondering why would anyone want to wear that? Then I sat back, a smile on my face, and think ‘This is Fashion after all’. This theme breaks all the rules of understanding where and how it was made. It’s the art portrait you enjoy, but can’t quite understand.

Chemical Cartoon is the last theme to N.D.A. It’s like stepping on a bridge between imagination and reality. So many bright colors splattered on to fabrics. You can literally spot one of these garments from a mile away. All sorts of colors and prints put together to give in a fun child-like quality. The three-piece suit filled with bright summery colors followed by stripes endlessly parading the garment or the patches of colors mixed in with floral prints that remind me you of the picnic day in June.

As if the colors were going to stop, it gets even more bold and electrifying with different shades of pink and purple covering the clothes. Also introducing light pastel colors such as periwinkle, baby blue, green, and yellow. Sticking to the theme of Cartoons, a charming picture of Kermit is plastered on one of the sweaters.

Looking through the slides it gave me the urge to grab a sketchbook and sketch a design, something I haven’t done since I left high school.


BARKinistas Unleashed

By , April 2, 2012 2:14 pm

BARKinistas Unleashed is free and open to the public, however you need a ticket to enter. Tickets are no longer available.

BARKinistas Unleashed 2012 Pet Fashion Show

Crowd-funding Gets More Controlled

By , March 31, 2012 9:00 am

You are an entrepreneur contemplating starting a business and you are wondering where you will get the funds to finance it with. On March 22, 2012 the U.S. Senate passed the JOBS Act, or Jump-Start our Business Start-ups. This, they presume, will make it easier for small businesses to raise money.

You have heard the word, Crowd-funding, previously written about in this column. Business owners can raise money from people they may not even know by posting their information and financial need on websites that facilitate this purpose. This is money that basically you wouldn’t need to pay back, and it would help you start your business, and would be considered a donation. This can be an issue of legality with the Securities and Exchange Commission because investors are not being given a security in exchange for their money. However, some businesses are giving back to the investors some form of payment in the way of product they created.

Sites such as ArtistShare, Kickstarter, Pledgemusic and Funding4Learning have a failsafe. They hold funds in an escrow account. If the nominated target isn’t reached, all funds are returned to contributors. While sites such as Fondomat, RocketHub, IndieGoGo and Sponsume allow projects to keep all the funds raised.

But now the U.S. Senate has tightened the process with its amendment saying that any company raising money using Crowd-funding must still file some basic information with the Securities and Exchange Commission, including the names of directors, officers and holders of more than 20 percent of the company’s shares, plus a description of the business and its financial condition.

For companies seeking to raise less than $100,000 they must also provide tax returns and a financial statement certified by a company principal; those raising up to $500,000 must provide financial statements that are reviewed by an independent public accountant.

Indicating that there is a great chance for fraud with crowd-funding, intermediaries offering to help companies raise money must register with the Securities and Exchange Commission, make sure investors are advised of the risks they are taking, and take measures to present fraud.

This bill will return to the House for a final vote, and then on to President Obama the week of March 26 for his ratification.

Margo Moore teaches BE 261 Starting a Small Business, CEO 001 Setting a Course for Your Business, CEO 002 Knowing Your Market, and CEO 003 Formulating Your Financial Strategy.

Costume Designer: Eiko Ishioka

By , March 30, 2012 12:59 pm

Costume Designer Eiko Ishioka passed away in January. Her latest film comes out today, Mirror Mirror. Check out her designs!

Check out this blog post from -
A Look Back at the Magical Work of Mirror Mirror Costume Designer Eiko Ishioka

Mirror Mirror Costume Designer Eiko Ishioka

Mirror Mirror Costume Designer Eiko Ishioka

Check out this article from the New York Times -
Summoning the Fairest of Them All

“Mirror Mirror,” the Snow White film

“Mirror Mirror,” the Snow White film


BRAND Strategy HOW-TO from Cartier

By , March 22, 2012 11:15 am

HOTTOPICSINSIDER  recommends that if you have not seen the new  Cartier 3 min+ ad you absolutely have to.  Not only is it stunning, but it absolutely embodies a breakthrough concept in advertising style and  exemplifies what Brand strategy is all about.  The emphasis here is about authenticity, passion, dreams, and desire.
Get in on the buzz.   View it now.

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By , February 10, 2012 11:26 am

Some of you may have noticed that the lovely little  has now appeared to the right. What is it? It’s Pinterest! Have no idea what Pinterest is?

Well, let me give it to you in a nutshell…

For our purposes, it’s our Instructor & Student Think Tank with topics relating to our Certificate Programs and noncredit classes.

It’s an online scrapbook that students and instructors can use to clip and contain ideas / images, so they are put together as a giant ‘think tank’.

Pinterest Screen Shot

Let us know what you think!

Deal or No Deal for J.C.Penny

By , February 7, 2012 5:00 pm


J.C. Penny’s branding revamp comes during an interesting time in the industry, considering the oversaturation of deals and couponing. Former Apple executive Ron Johnson, started implementing some major changes once he became Penney’s CEO in November.  Starting with Wal-Mart’s iconic everyday low pricing strategy, without focusing on undercutting competitors, but rather offering their customers more predictable pricing.

Their pricing strategy includes:  Sale prices become everyday prices, Fewer Seasonal Sales, New Tags to indicate pricing accordingly, Pricing without the 99 cents for simpler pricing, New Advertising that includes digital strategies.

These digital strategies are going through the testing stages from their catalogs, as they are utilizing QR codes as well as text messaging to purchase specific items to feel out the demand for additional implementation of technology.

Increased discounting has been a vicious cycle that feeds into shoppers’ insatiable appetite for bigger and better discounts.  At JCP, the regular price on an item that costs $10 to make rose 43 percent, from $28 in 2002 to $40 in 2011. But because of all of its sales and other promotions, what it actually ended up selling for rose only 15 cents, from $15.80 to $15.95 during that same period.

This concept has been attempted multiple times by other companies, including Macy’s, where they cut back a few years ago on coupons and discounts, but their strategy was unsuccessful and they were forced to ramp back up after seeing sales suffer.

As families are struggling financially, this could be a positive rebranding for the company, to recognize the climate and restructure accordingly.


Dalia Strum teaches SXF 120: Blogging Smarts for Business.


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