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My Idea Will Be Stolen If I Market — Part 2

How can you protect yourself?

Name your product, service or concept. Then trademark it. Someone can steal the product idea but they can’t steal the name.

Copyright, trademark and patent the idea itself if you can. You are completely defenseless if you don’t. (But be aware that many fashion “ideas” are not easily defined in ways that can be trademarked – that’s why a trademarked name is important). Many questions of ownership and rights are determined by the date a trademark was filed.

Copyright is often determined by usage: if you’re using it, it’s yours.

By owning a patent, you are protected.

These solutions are all great but be aware that to go after someone for infringement can be expensive and often large companies are well aware of the financial advantage they have over you when “borrowing” ideas. So above all, speak with an attorney so you know exactly where you stand in this area.

AND MARKET. MARKET BIG. MARKET FAST. Get your name out there…
eventually all ideas are picked up by others, so being first and loud is your best defense.

Sandra Holtzman teaches CEO 035: Licensing.

Grand Central Hosts Casting Call for Retailers


What’s worse for the new entrepreneur than facing NYC rents? They know their customer is here—but who can afford to open a shop in a high foot traffic neighborhood? The solution may be found via the link below. Good for the entrepreneur and good for the customer always looking for something new.

Grand Central hosts casting call for retailers | Crain’s New York Business
The transportation hub is giving entrepreneurs the chance to audition for a kiosk lease.
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Harvard Biz School Angels are Looking to Fund Startups!!!

Harvard Biz School Angels are Looking to Fund Startups!!!

Follow the link below to find out details.  Looks interesting. This was posted on a  web site mostly focused on digital matters but the post looks like it’s not sector specific.  Check it out!