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Shop Savvy During Summer Sales


As we near July 4th, summer sales begin to pop up in every direction. This season’s clothing and accessories are currently in stores at 30, 40 even 50% off of original prices!  It’s a great time of year to take advantage of the sales with your clients and grab those fabulous finds for less.  Encourage your clients to add a few more summer staples to their wardrobes—T’s, dresses, sandals – and to replace some of those summer whites that may have gone dingy.

Truth be told, I’m a big proponent of shopping the sales, but I’m not a big fan of shopping them exclusively.  My shopping philosophy is to shop twice a retail season: in the beginning of the season for pieces your client must have to fill major wardrobe gaps (like that great pair of dress ‘em up, dress ‘em down black trousers or a classic trench) or items that are needed to complete an outfit. Those should be purchased at the beginning of the season—when the selection is best.  Then, at the end of the retail season, I recommend adding those pieces that are the ‘nice to haves’—items that are not critical to your client’s wardrobe but rather add spice and variety to their existing pieces. They may also be repeat purchases (aka ‘back stock’) to items that they love and wear now.

Remember, our clients sometimes go into a shopping frenzy at sale time and buy things just because they are on sale. As their image consultant, it’s our job to help them determine what items are smart purchases, regardless of the price.

Carol Davidson teaches SXF 810: Color for Wardrobe Planning, SXI 100: Introduction to Image Consulting, SXI 110: Image Consulting Confidential.



Wow, the colors coming from the menswear shows in Milan and Paris are so inspirational. The color combinations are extraordinary in their boldness and will influence active wear, shoes and women’s fashion. Now, the color crossover doesn’t just exist between womenswear and home fashions. Menswear is a color contender competing with both categories.

Men’s active wear from Walter Van Beirendonck’s with his use of bold colors and patchworks of patternings and Lady Gaga’s favorite designers at Mugler using tinted colors with superhero overtones will influence all industries.

Take a look at the richness and luxury fabric color combinations of the brothers’ Govanni and Giacomo Canali. All colors of the color wheel used in monochromatic and achromatic color combinations defined by fabrications that transmit light bouncing off the fabrics in different ways.

Barbara Arlen teaches SXC 100: Color Theory and Culture, SXC 110: Color Discovery Interactive Workshop, SXC 260:Color Painting Studio, and SXF 840: Career Opportunities for Working with Color.

Is There Something Beautiful in Finance?

I love beautiful! I love being in the presence of beauty.  One of the reasons I love teaching at The Enterprise Center is that I get to work with very creative people who most often times are focused on creating beauty or bringing beauty to the forefront of our lives.  I find that a very honorable pursuit.  After teaching my course “FutureLab’ earlier this month, I realized just how many people do not have a relationship between the  beautiful and the monetary costs and rewards of their relationship to bringing beauty into the world. I feel rather  certain that  this is part of the bigger cultural conversation that many of us have about money–we fear it because we don’t know how to deal with it or we push away the topic because we don’t want to be responsible for it.  It seems like it’s very easy to spend money but we have the perception that its difficult to make money.  I’d like to suggest that our pursuit of beauty may be filled with bumps and learnings  along the way–and somehow we think that’s expected.   However, when we encounter this with our monetary positions, we think that there’s something wrong and that its a huge mistake that has to be fixed.  We place a deep significance on the “what happens” instead of focusing on the learning.  Perhaps we can treat our adventures in finance in regards to our products as part of the learning in creating something beautiful.


Lisa Hendrickson teaches CEO 200 FutureLab and The Sustainable Organization.