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Summer is Finally Here!


Fashionistas rejoice!

It’s officially Summer and we can shed those layers and put on some color! Michael Kors is the epitome of American fashion and he has  shown a wonderful way to wear Summer’s bold and vibrant colors with accessories we can use all year round…..classic natural brown leather. What better way to make yellow “sophisticated”, hot pink more bold and greens pop! Something so classic, so American, can make clothing so different.

Michael Kors Sp11Michael Kors Sp11Michael Kors Sp11Michael Kors Sp11 







So go to your closet and pull out those leather belts, leather bags, leather sandals. No colored leather please. Just good old natural cowhide! Have fun! Summer is here but, hurry, it won’t last long.


Sadia Seymour teaches SXS 100: Intro to Fashion Styling, SXS 110: Fashion Styling Confidential, and SXM 010: Styling Fit Fundamentals.



#1. A good way to feel creative is to ask a question that has many correct answers.

# 2. If you’re stuck, try to find a way to refresh your perception – look at colors around you.

# 3. Break the rules, especially the ones that are conventional and that you use on a daily basis.

# 4. Make sure you are not emotionally involved with certain concepts. If you use only emotions you will often not see the benefits of other results. Think about colors that depict your emotions.

# 5. Reinvent your ideas. Challenge yourself by asking hard questions and use the new answers to create new ideas.

# 6. Allow the world to work for you. Look at the world and create ways of defining it in positive new ideas.

# 7. Be sure to take risks. Train for risks – like working out in a gym, taking a walk on the beach or in a stroll in the park. Be sure to take a risk several times a week.

# 8. Making mistakes lead to new ideas. Don’t be a perfectionist.

# 9. Try working in creative collaboration with others, the results will be rewarding.

# 10. Try looking at art continually to discover new outlets for your energy and color theories. The creative person has confidence that their ideas will lead to something good.

# 11. Try to think differently each day and not create any patterns of behavior. Your mind should run free to work creatively.

# 12. Do something good for someone else. Your creative juices will flow.

Barbara Arlen teaches SXC 100: Color Theory and Culture, SXC 110: Color Discovery Interactive Workshop, SXC 260:Color Painting Studio, and SXF 840: Career Opportunities for Working with Color.

From Fall to Spring/Summer


We all want to keep up with the trends but, don’t want to go broke every season! Who has the money for that? How can you take your fall clothing and update or mix and match it for spring and summer. We’ll take this look from Kenzo Fall 2011 and add a few items.

Kenzo Fall 2011

For a transition to Spring, we’ll use top and add a few pieces for the change in weather. In the morning it start off cool and take off to unseasonably warn weather so, lets open all  the buttons on the shirt and expose a classic gingham yellow and white bralet. For a nod to the warm weather we are excitedly hoping for, put on a pair of classic linen cuffed shorts. Tuck the plain side of the shirt in to the waistband of the shorts to keep the floral design showing. Add a pop of color on your feet with these orange wedges. You are all set for what ever weather mother nature throws your way.

All Saints Clothing

As it gets warmer and we need to work to a Summer look, let’s keep the leather jacket for an edgy evening out! Let’s keep a neutral palette with light grey knit harem pants and a cream bralet under our jacket. Add these architectural black leather, wood and gold sandals to kick the look up a few notches! Add a layered necklace with feathers and feel like a real rock goddess as you attend the hippest rooftop party overlooking the NYC skyline!

Top Shop Clothing

Invest in trendy accessories and you can stretch some of your fall wardrobe into current seasonal looks. Now run to your closet and pick your favorites! Some great places to shop for accessories and shoes are Zara, All Saints, Top Shop, Forever21, Gap, Banana Republic and flea markets!

Sadia Seymour teaches SXS 100: Intro to Fashion Styling, SXS 110: Fashion Styling Confidential, and SXM 010: Styling Fit Fundamentals.