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Dover Street Market

By , January 27, 2014 2:03 pm

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Opps!  Did I say Radio City Music Hall when lauding Saks’ Christmas effort last time?  Clearly I meant Rockefeller Center.

I said we would talk more about Dover Street Market (DSM) this week.  If you are holding out, because the thought of facing east and walking to Lex and 30th in tundra-esque conditions stopped you, you’re forgiven.  Even the heartiest of us “Check out the stores” types hibernated this past week. As soon as the temperature rises check out DSM.   This is an “Alice in Wonderland” located in a neighborhood best described as – no particular reason to go there.  So why go?  Because sometimes it is very hard to explain what avant garde is all about.  It really depends on what your eye is accustomed to.   Many young FIT undergrads (aside from Lady Gaga) will confuse couture for avant garde, i.e., fashion and or any art form presented at the most extreme expression.  DSM from the interior design, use of space and merchandise is a temple to avant garde conceived by Rei Kawakubu, her 3rd DMS project after Tokyo and London.

Most importantly, it is a curated assembly of items from a wide mix of leading experimental extremist designers, representing a global assortment of markets such as Junya Wantanabe and Thom Brown. 7 floors of crazy nooks that as a whole somehow give new meaning to urban anti-fashion chic that breeds trickle down looks at lesser price points. Take the core glass elevator to the top and work your way down.  Make sure you visit the bathroom(s). Seriously. The big challenge when I visited was that one after another mortified men and women came out apologizing that they could not figure out how to flush! Also, the seats, in true Japanese fashion are heated.  This alone might inspire you. Finally, plan to eat at the Rose (a Paris icon) Bakery. Coffee to die for, and a décor and menu to match  “Jabberwocky” surroundings.

Entrance to the Rose Bakery at Dover Street Market

Entrance to the Rose Bakery at Dover Street Market

Meanwhile, in effort to clarify the difference between couture level and avant garde:

While not in the same neighborhood, another absolutely must see new store is Balenciaga at 148 and 149 Mercer in Soho. What a contrast DSM.  Having taken over the Balenciaga creative director’s position a little over a year ago, Alexander Wang has spearheaded the building of a green marble and chrome modern temple to luxury that manages to stun and yet in no way dominate the merchandise.  Absolute elegance that will remind you of a museum, yet in no way stuffy.  What an accomplishment.

Now for the question of the week – was Beyonce’s Grammy gown designed by Michael Costello, Avant garde? Couture? Stunning or Slutty? What do you think?



Curvaceous K

By , February 25, 2013 11:09 am

Congratulations to our Retail Professional Development
Certificate student’s Grand Opening!

Kathy Sanchez

Certificate Program:
Retail Management Experience

Curvaceous K

Curvaceous K
179 Stanton Street (between Clinton and Attorney Streets)

I wanted to provide women my size with the opportunity to shop in a boutique especially for them as most boutiques really only cater to about size 10/12.

Fashion’s Night Out!!

By , September 6, 2012 10:35 am

What will you be doing tonight??

Fashion's Night Out logo


Summer 2012 Catalog & Registration

By , May 17, 2012 4:17 pm

Register online:
and click to download the Summer Catalog.

HT Summer Brochure Ad 2012Register online:
and click to download the Summer Catalog.

ESL / Fashion Business Program

By , May 4, 2012 11:50 am

English is the language of the global fashion business!

Do you want to improve your English language skills?
Are you interested in fashion design, promotion, retail buying, the fragrance business, fashion trend forecasting or global fashion business development?  
Would you like to spend several weeks in New York City?  
Then FIT’s Summer English as a Second Language / Fashion Business Program is for you!

July 5, 2012 – July 26, 2012
This three-week intensive session offered in partnership with FIT’s Educational Skills department includes an ESL course and classes in fashion business and design topics. Attendees meet a variety of fashion-related industry experts in the classroom and at special events.
Earn a Professional Studies Certificate of Completion.

ESL photos
Standard Programs:
Fashion Design
Fashion Merchandising
Fragrance Product Development
Fashion Promotion

Elite/Accelerated Programs:
Fashion Trend Forecasting
Global Fashion Business

For a complete brochure, download this PDF.
To register, go to, select ESL Programs, choose the track of your choice, and proceed to check out.


Go Green this Holiday Season

By , December 18, 2011 8:23 am

This Season Give Back to our Planet by Going Green and Buying Vintage!

Wishing you a peaceful and loving Holiday Season.
Hope to see you soon, Emma

Emma Sosa teaches SXT 500: Star-Quality Vintage Shopping, SXT 510: The Out-of-Towner’s Online Guide to Vintage Shopping, and SXT 810: “Going Green” and Staying Fashion Right- Earth Friendly Fashion Stores.

US Flag Fashion

By , September 11, 2011 12:00 pm

Cool New York Talk and Tours
Provide trend-tracking opportunities throughout the city’s most vibrant districts that influence culture, fashion, and lifestyle shifts. Listings here:

A Fashionista Goes Green

By , July 24, 2011 10:35 am

Just read “Do One Green Thing” by Mindy Pennybacker.  Here’s the advice she gave, “If every fashionista chose one organic cotton t-shirt instead of a non-organic one, we would keep 250,000 tons of chemicals our of our air, water and soil. Cotton, the most popular natural fiber, is the third most pesticide-doused crop in the U.S.  However, a certified organic cotton t-shirt, is grown free of the one-third pound of agricultural chemicals expended on each regular t-shirt.”

Mindy also advised, “One way to Go Green is buying more vintage clothing and less new clothing.   However, when you do buy something new, ask  if they carry any product made with sustainably produced or recycled fibers.  If your favorite store doesn’t currently offer sustainable materials, your question may help spur them to do so.”

Here are some fun places to shop for vintage or certified organic tees.

Splurge for a Stella McCartney Organic Cloud print T-Shirt exclusively designed for at the hefty price of $495.

Or how about a more affordable certified organic HessNatur “Out of Order” Tee on sale for only $10.00.  This tee communicates how we need to take care of our planet. Some of the proceeds go to help eradicate poverty in Bangladesh through education. For more certified organic cotton tees visit

Emma Sosa teaches SXF 300: Secrets from a Professional Shopper, SXS 100: Introduction to Fashion Styling, SXT 500: Star-Quality Vintage Shopping, and SXT 810: “Going Green” and Staying Fashion Right- Earth Friendly Fashion Stores.

Don’t Let Your Business Go On Vacation

By , July 16, 2011 8:26 pm

Summer has arrived, and it seems that the whole world is going off on vacation. Now is the perfect time to connect with that hard to reach special prospect or client who hasn’t left for vacation…yet. How about building that relationship over a different summertime activity?

  • Hi-Line Stroll – explore the Hi-Line. Take a leisurely stroll atop this incredibly popular new park. Catch what might be the only breeze around amid prairie grasses and plenty of benches. Stop for a drink or dinner at any of the great neighborhoods from the Village to mid-town. Enjoy the newest 1/2 mile leg that goes all the way up to 30th Street.
  • Rooftop Dining – try a cool drink and great view at The Delancey downtown; The Library Hotel mid-town; The Empire Hotel near Lincoln Center; or the Met Roof Cafe at the Met Museum.
  • The Cloisters Museum & Gardens Ft. Tryon Park - if you can manage an afternoon off, this makes for a great and unusual outing. The famous unicorn tapestries are here along with other medieval artifacts, all part of the Metropolitan Museum of Art collection. Take advantage of a free museum tour too.
  • Golf Lessons at Chelsea Piers - perhaps you and your client have wanted to try golf on for size. Here, both of you can have your first intro to golf and even a place to practice. Next time one of your organizations or professional groups has an outing, invite your client along as your partner. You’ll be together for hours and have plenty of time to cement the relationship.
  • 42nd St. Library Tour - the library is full of mystery and wonder. Explore this unusual space on one of the free guided tours (perhaps on a lunch hour). You won’t regret it!

Jill Youngerman teaches CEO 008: Marketing Techniques for Promoting Your Business.

The Iconic Shirtwaist Dress

By , July 13, 2011 2:23 pm

1950s Jonathan Logan Summer Plaid Day Dress

This summer, the dress is the way to go for comfort and style. Be it long or short, the simplicity of a one piece dress allows you to spend more time thinking of your accessories. And isn’t that easier then figuring out what top or bottom to wear together. The right shoe, jewelry or belt will add just the right finishing touch. So stay cool this summer by perhaps choosing the iconic shirt waist dress which has come a real long way just like women have.

Vintage Colorful Plaid Shirtwaist Dress

The concept of the shirt waist dress originated from a man’s shirt and was seen as early as the 1900s. Although it has a menswear influence, it’s anything but masculine. The 1950s iconic shirtwaist dress, as seen in movies like Pleasantville, emphasized the female waist and the bust and was very feminine. Casual and dressy versions of the shirtwaist dress were staples in a woman’s closet from the time Dior introduced the “New Look” silhouette in 1947. These dresses were worn with petticoats underneath to increase the skirt’s volume and create a more festive look, and girdles to make the waist smaller, creating a very flattering silhouette. They could also be worn casually without a petticoat and were then referred to as house dresses.

So cheers to the shirtwaist dress, you’ve come a long way baby! Try one on!

1950s Cotton Shirt Waist Dress in Olive Green with Orange Floral Print

Emma Sosa teaches SXF 300: Secrets from a Professional Shopper, SXS 100: Introduction to Fashion Styling, SXT 500: Star-Quality Vintage Shopping.

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