Royal Wedding Colors, Symbolism and Traditions


Did you watch the Royal Wedding? Interested in the color symbolism and tradition? There were many traditional colors that influence our contemporary lives as well preserving royal traditions.

White (the absence of color)– why did the maid of honor wear white (the absence of color)? Because in England it has been a tradition from the 1400’s that bridal parties mostly wear white, it is a symbol of purity. Duchess Catherine of Cambridge’s beautiful white dress was an extension of her sister’s dress, both by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen.

Yellow/Gold – both the Queen of England wore yellow and the Anglican Bishops of London wore gold. Yellow is supposed to be the Queen’s favorite color (symbolizing strength) and the Bishops just had their wardrobes revamped in this gold color (symbolizing wealth).

Purple – The Queen of Spain in Royal Purple and her daughter-in-law in the analogous color, pink. The Queen’s shade of purple was one of the most difficult and expensive colors to naturally dye in medieval Europe and only the aristocracy could afford to purchase.

Red – Prince William was wearing a red coat that signifies his appointment as honorary Colonel of the Irish Guards in the British Army. Many of the female guests wore red (symbolizing love, passion).

Blue – Prince William’s royal blue sash represents his status as a Knight of the Garter. Prince Harry’s Navy jacket represents his place as captain in the Household Cavalry. Many guests wore Royal Blue at the wedding ceremony.

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The Decline of the Television

At first glance, all I could think of was “Why? They keep releasing all these fancy new TVs (3D, HD, LCD, Plasma, etc) each year?” However, while reading the article, I could see why. I watch most of my regular shows via laptop/internet because the DVR is always full, so I only use my TV to watch sport events or news.
Do you use your TV the same now as you did 5 years ago?


Ownership of TV Sets Falls in U.S.

Joe Raedle/Getty Images
Discarded analog television sets in Florida. Analog was rendered obsolete in the switch to digital broadcasting in 2009.

Published: May 3, 2011

For the first time in 20 years, the number of homes in the United States with television sets has dropped. The Nielsen Company, which takes TV set ownership into account when it produces ratings, will tell television networks and advertisers… READ MORE

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