Technicolor Dreaming


I was dreaming in technicolor about hues and textures of hats and what people will be wearing to the Royal Wedding. Remember the colors in Princess Diana’s hat collection?

There were lots of cool blues in brims and bows, reds for excitement and flirty, girly pinks. Green-casted turquoises or aquas for the calm and meditative look. Queen Elizabeth is completely free of psychological classifications in her selection of colors and textures. Sometimes I think that her color choices have nothing to do with her outfits, but there are always lots of colorful bird feathers attached. The daughters of Prince Andrew wear abstract hats sometimes in complimentary colors to their dresses. Prince Edward’s wife wears neutral grays with whites that look like origami. Charles’s wife looks like she is always wearing a warm-colored analogous flower arrangement. Princess Anne wears lots of beige neutrals with netting and textures.

The Spring 2011 Women’s Collections showed a great variation in colors that began with straw naturals and eco colors from Yohji Yamamoto and D Squared to Marc Jacobs’ bright warm oranges and yellows. Textured natural straws with wide brimmed bands were used in Prada’s black alternating with brilliantly colored stripes, creating a total coordinated color ensemble. Chanel’s pink and white hats push all the Princess buttons.

Barbara Arlen teaches SXC 100: Color Theory and Culture, SXC 110: Color Discovery Interactive Workshop, SXC 260:Color Painting Studio, and SXF 840: Career Opportunities for Working with Color


CS 5.5? I just got CS 5!

I am sure you heard that Adobe will be releasing CS 5.5 sometime soon. I haven’t been able to find the actual release date in their press releases, so I guess it’s top secret and currently only available for pre-order.

When will FIT update to CS 5.5? Most likely we will have it up and running in all the computer labs the following semester after it’s finally released.

So what’s new with it and how will it impact your daily work load? Well, I found a few good blog postings that review what’s new with CS 5.5, see below.

Adobe CS 5.5

Adobe CS 5.5 inches closer to build once, output many
by Lori Grunin
Let’s get this out of the way first: if you’re looking for updates to Photoshop, move along, there’s nothing to see here. Ditto for Illustrator and Fireworks. While there’s a lot going on in Adobe’s…
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Thumbs up for CS 5.5
By Tanya Combrinck
The latest version of Adobe’s Creative Suite has much to offer mobile and PHP developers.
The big news is Adobe Flash Builder 4.5 for PHP software – providing for the first time an…
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Prescient though they were one wonders if our forefathers could really have seen the future would they have written, “We hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among them are Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and a pair of jeans that really fit.”

Absolutely jeans are a way of life these days for all sexes and age groups.  According to WWD (April 20, 2011) women alone bought 6.56 billion dollars worth last year.  There are casual jeans, dressed down jeans and “formal” aka designer jeans covering almost every need and occasion. And woe to the designer or brand that doesn’t offer a jean solution in their classifications. Chanel jeans??

I tried to convince my son that for casual work days he should really upgrade into a more designer “formal “jean.  My treat and no price limit.  Four brands and 40 minutes in the dressing room later, he begged me to just let him go back to The Gap, his tried and true resource since high school. He had absolutely no patience for the endless quest of finding a brand that fits and offers comfort.

That got me thinking. What does it take to convince someone to give up their staple label and try something new?  How much time, try-ons and shopping does that translate into?

One of my on-line students, now an L.A. transfer reported that while jeans are the day-to-day work uniform in L.A. she feels pressured to wear “status” labels in the office but getting a good fit and being able to afford several pairs is a huge challenge.  Does this casual approach to work wear translate into needing about 7 –or more pairs of $ 130 and up jeans?  That’s quite an investment for what was once a cheap laborer’s garment!  I also wonder – is ok to show up every day in the same brand and cut?  I suspect not.

For brands that are fit challenged we’ve developed “Ultimate Guide to Jeans from Designer to Product Development” starting June 8th (SXF 216), featuring Deborah Beard who heads up Technical Design at FIT.  Deborah tells me it is all in the pattern and marker.  Too bad that at retail, jeans are all too frequently a self service business.

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