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Client Feedback is Key

Most of us assume that all is well with our clients and projects unless told otherwise. However, a smarter way to gauge how your business is doing is to reach out to your client base on a regular basis before they come to you. How do you get this done?

  • Client Debriefings

A client debriefing is just that. Time alone with your client where you can hear about the good, the bad and the ugly. This is frequently done through sharing a meal such as breakfast, lunch, or dinner; meeting for coffee or drinks; or, during a project walk-thru at a client’s site. The point is to get away from ringing phones and staff interruptions to have some quality time to spend with that person. It’s often said that the measure of a person is not evaluated when things are going well. When problems arise or the unexpected occurs, how do you meet those challenges and overcome obstacles to your client’s satisfaction?

  • Client Satisfaction Surveys

A client satisfaction survey is a list of questions prepared by either your company or a marketing consultant to determine the satisfaction quotient of your clients. What are the things you are doing right? And, what are you doing that needs correction or modification? You might even find out that an effort underway is not needed, wanted, or appreciated by the client at all.

Some useful questions include: What service that we provide do you feel is the most important? What service do you feel is the least important? And, what do you feel we do best?

Effective client feedback can save you time, money and even open up new market areas for you to explore.

Jill Youngerman teaches CEO 008: Marketing Techniques for Promoting Your Business.




Volunteering Can Be Good for Business

The holiday season isn’t the only time to think of giving back. In these hard pressed financial times, it may be easier to give of your time than to make a cash donation. Have you considered being a volunteer? For those of you thinking, what’s in it for me? I have one word for you plenty!

Where do you find volunteer opportunities? A good place to start is the website By putting in a location (NY, NY) and trying out a few different key words such as fashion, sewing, retail business, small business and the word intern, numerous volunteer opportunities were displayed around the NYC area. These included working in public relations, IT, media/communications, event planning and web development/web design. These opportunities appeared at a myriad of organizations including the Japan Society, Dress for Success, the Police Museum and the International Hostels.

Remember the question, what’s in it for me? Being a volunteer can help to answer one of the most common questions I hear from my students. How do I get a job as an intern? It’s a great way to gain experience and lead to a paying job in the future. (Sometimes where you were a volunteer.) And, living in the NY area, the second most common question I hear from people I know… how do I meet people? You get to spend time with like-minded individuals giving of their time for a cause or organization that means something to them. It’s one of the best ways to network and meet people that I know.

Jill Youngerman teaches CEO 008: Marketing Techniques for Promoting Your Business.


We’re living in a connected world. What happens when the connected world becomes … unconnected?

The recent nor’easter power outages in NJ, CT and part of NY this past week impacted a huge number of homes and businesses. It’s at times like these our dependence on electronics becomes so evident.

Remember when we used to memorize phone #s, account #s, birthday and anniversary dates? Then came computers, the PDA, blackberry, IPhone, Ipad and assorted cell phones.

The recent outages this past week, are a reminder to back up our systems off site, if possible, and even have back-up office space available for use in an emergency. If the outages are widespread, like these were, you can’t easily trot over to your local coffee shop, hair salon or favorite restaurant to re-charge your devices. Why? Nobody has power. Here’s an old fashioned idea: How about backing up your electronic data with hard copies (yes, paper!) of important phone #s, client contact info, appointments, dates/calendar, banking and credit info? You won’t be sorry.

Just one more thing … please remember where you put it!

Jill Youngerman teaches CEO 008: Marketing Techniques for Promoting Your Business.