BARKinistas Unleashed: Meet the Designers

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Dawn Deisler

‘BLACK-AND-CO’ is  an upscale contemporary canine apparel and accessories   line, specializing in genuine leathers, suede, snakeskins and industrial grade hardware.  Design inspirations are taken from the Mens and Womens  Fashion Industry, using current  trends and colors to develop fashion-forward canine collections, including collars, harnesses,  leashes, coats, sweaters and totes.

I will begin selling online shortly at WWW.BLACK-AND-CO.COM. All products will be manufactured in NYC.  You can also contact me directly for any custom pieces from the FIT Pet Fashion Show at Dawn@BLACK-AND-CO.COM

Chewee wearing Dawn Deisler Chappy in Dawn Deisler

Simply, for the love of dogs and fashion!  As a clothing designer in the fashion industry for over 20 years, I was frustrated when I could not find a warm, fashionable coat for my male toy schnauzer, Chappy.  Most coats were a plain nylon, fiber filled with a Velcro tab- the velco sticks to his hair, and he hates it.  So I designed him a simple coat, inspired by the seasons trend of shearling, and attached adjustable metal rivet snaps, in case he was wearing a heavy sweater underneath.  I live in Carroll Gardens Brooklyn, which has a very large dog population.  People started stopping me and asking me where I got his coat.  I realized that I was not the only person not able to find  functional and fashionable coats for dogs.   I found that I had found my true passion, designing clothing, but for canines!

Experience in the Pet Design & Marketing Program:
My experience in the PET CERTIFICATE PROGRAM has been very rewarding and positive.  All of the instructors are in the pet industry, so they bring a wealth of knowledge to this little known industry.  The classes are very diversified, from design, sketching, patternmaking, branding and marketing.  Many of the instructors have guest industry speakers, which further demonstrates that the pet industry  is a large, and exciting field that is constantly growing.

It is thru the support of the instructors and staff of the program that I have been able to participate in the annual canine fashion show for the last 2 years, placing 2 ensembles last year in “Best Designs’ and winning ‘Best of Show’ and co-winning ‘Most Saleable’ this year.

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