BARKinistas Unleashed: Meet the Designers

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Lauren Brooke

With an estimated number of 165 million pets in the United States today. and the humanization of pets rapidly increasing, Lauren Brooke of Emma’s Closet created a company that caters to the luxuries for today’s pet. She provides entertainment and happiness to pets and pet parents alike by creating enjoyable and fashionable clothing, party-wear, collars, leashes, and jewelry to spice up everyday life as well as formal events.

Contact Lauren Brooke at (516) 655-2400 for private consultations and additional information.

Emma’s Closet was founded in 2011.

Lauren Brooke is a Fashion Design student at the Fashion Institute of Technology. She has extensive experience in the fashion industry both styling customers and designing apparel and accessories. She has worked for companies such as the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, Anthropologie, and Paper Magic Group, Halloween Costume Division. Lauren also has also had her work displayed in the Fashion After Bark Fashion Show in 2011 & Barkinistas Unleashed in 2012, and has designed Pet Apparel for the New York Yankees.

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Experience in the Pet Design & Marketing Program:
There has never been a time in my life where fashion wasn’t a predominantly large factor. I come from a family of fashionistas and artists, from my mother who worked in a Soho gallery, to my opera-singing grandparents, and even their parents. And I am an avid dog-lover and give nothing but the best for my little princess. The experiences that I have had in my life thus far have taught me that it is always best to follow your heart. So I have decided that since making pet apparel does nothing but put a smile on my face as well as satisfies my creative side, I must go for it. The Pet Design & Marketing Program at FIT has guided me towards fulfilling my dream.

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  1. i make and sell handmade dog clothes. they actually serve many purposes at . i don’t think alot of people realize or think about the benefits of dressing up your dog. putting little boots or a raincoat on them will keep them warm and dry in the winter, and when you go to summer picnics/bbq’s with friends put a little shirt or dress on your dog to keep them from getting a sunburn. many short hair dogs or dogs without an undercoat(i.e. maltese) can be burnt buy the sun’s harmful rays. also, lighter clothing can reflect the heat. just my opinion and thoughts. :)

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