BARKinistas Unleashed: Meet the Designers

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Cheryl Jackson

The main goal of Pink Diamond Paws (PDP) is to design and produce quality made clothing for puppies small dogs, and to create a shopping environment that caters to the apparel needs of your pet. PDP invites the owner to have a great experience choosing a quality made garment for their pets. And your pet will feel so comfortable in all of our garments.  Our focus for our clothing line will be evening dresses, casual dresses jackets, and vests. Your pet will appreciate PDP as much as you will.

Pink Diamond Paws was created in 2010 and will launch in October 2012


PDP Amber in Red Dresssy Dress

I chose to attend the Pet Apparel Certificate program because I knew that it would guide me into the right direction to be able to design my own small dog apparel line. It would also give me the correction information to expand it a company and a brand. My experience has been nothing short of wonderful. I have truly enjoyed this program and would honestly recommend it to anyone with a passion for fashion in pet apparel.

Experience in the Pet Fashion Design and Marketing certificate program:
My experience attending Pet Apparel Certificate Program has been such a wonderful experience. I have had the pleasure of meeting so many individuals who are vested in the same ideas as myself regarding fashion and pets. I have also formed life long friends that I know I will be able to connect with as I proceed with my business goals. The instructors have been such a vibrant part of the programs. These faculty member have worked and owned businesses within the industry and has a proven track record to help the students strive for success. I know my business will prosper and grow due to all that I have learned in this program.

Pink Diamond Paws Business Card


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