Barney’s focuses on real people for their shoppable videos


Department Store, Barneys New York is experimenting with how social integrates into e-commerce through the second release of their shoppable video this quarter. Barneys-Video

The focus is “Transform the Everyday Black Dress,” which features fashion blogger Geri Hirsch ( and founder of LeafTV), whom is actually videoed while shopping in Barneys’ Beverly Hills store location. The goal of this campaign is to target a younger demographic through this trendy strategy, while incorporating the classic aspects of the Company Brand which synergizes with the classic look of the ‘Black Dress’ and how some additional accessories could give it a ‘face-lift.’

This clip features links to Barneys’ ecommerce site in order for consumers to actually purchase the items that are featured.

This video goes through some real-life experiences that women deal with on a daily basis, which is why it made it relatable and translatable in their lifestyles.

This strategic approach of utilizing an average woman that their target market could relate to, as opposed to their typical model was quite interesting, and decreased the focus on constantly improving their cosmetic appearance.  This should allow their consumers to focus on the actual apparel/accessories and should result in an increase of sales.

Dalia Strum teaches SXF 120: Blogging Smarts for Business.


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