Putting the Press to Work — Part 4

So here we are at the bottom of the pyramid where the General press lives. They look up to the entire pyramid for their background information and validation of your information. This group does, however, also generate some original information. They have a voracious appetite for business news and especially fashion news with an interesting slant and appeal to the large audiences they serve (the general population).

Obviously this is the hardest group to reach AND THE MOST EXPENSIVE. Many more media venues, and thus more people, have to be reached. The competition is really intense on this level for their attention. Their audience is larger and more diffuse. This group loosely corresponds to Latent Adopters. By the time they are reporting on you, those above them on the pyramid will have moved on.
Ideally, an effective and efficient PR campaign would reach out to the newsletters first and rely on their spreading the word about you down the pyramid. This is particularly important for startups and small businesses that cannot afford to go after the entire pyramid.

Chart and content from my book, Lies Startups Tell Themselves to Avoid Marketing www.holtzmancom.com/thought_book_title.php

Sandra Holtzman teaches CEO 035: Licensing.


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  1. Yes if you don’t have the bandwidth (funds, time and manpower) to reach the General press yourself. The General press, if they don’t hear from you, go to sources (if they go anywhere at all) above them on the pyramid. Those sources usually have not only the information but the cachet of expertise along with it.

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