Putting the Press to Work — Part 2

This post will focus on the second level of the Press Pyramid — Analysts and Traders.    As I explained in my last post The Press Pyramid (see below) depicts different levels within the press community and shows how they influence your audience and each other.

Analysts and Traders speak to the investor market and your customer base.  The people in organizations such as META, Gartner, and Forrester (in the tech world) put out highly regarded reports, research market evaluations, and stock market predictions which companies pay a lot of money for.  These products in turn, influence investors, your stock price, and the value of your IPO stock or your company (for fundraising purposes). These people will ultimately be purchasing your product, or service as direct customers, stockholders or investors. Included in this category are blogs such as Network World (www.networkworld.com). Catching their attention will yield significant results in moving your company, product or invention forward.

Analysts and traders are a larger group and therefore more expensive to reach than the top of the pyramid.  However, they are still tightly focused and their opinions highly sought after.

Chart and content from my book, Lies Startups Tell Themselves to Avoid Marketing www.holtzmancom.com/thought_book_title.php


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