I’m sure we are all familiar with the amazing efforts of TOMS Shoes.  In addition to helping children in need of footwear they’ve expanded their efforts to providing vision care for people around the world.  With a purchase of TOMS sunglasses on person in need will receive an exam, prescription glasses or vision surgery.  At only $135 a pair, I think that’s an amazing deal!  Check out my favorite pair, the Classic 201 in Turquoise and Orange.

Dinna Soliman teaches CTB 012 Microsoft Excel 2: Fashion Design, CTD 131 Creating Complete Tech Packs in Illustrator, and various TOT: Fashion Design classes.


One thought on “ONE for ONE”

  1. If only more of the world and business were into “doing well while doing good” — we need more good business souls to keep our world afloat in these “dog-eat-dog days of summer”. Sorry for the mixed metaphors, but there are companies and business people who are doing good and we need more good news stories to influence others to do more good works!! Good attention brought to this good cause!!

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