Don’t Let Your Business Go On Vacation

Summer has arrived, and it seems that the whole world is going off on vacation. Now is the perfect time to connect with that hard to reach special prospect or client who hasn’t left for vacation…yet. How about building that relationship over a different summertime activity?

  • Hi-Line Stroll – explore the Hi-Line. Take a leisurely stroll atop this incredibly popular new park. Catch what might be the only breeze around amid prairie grasses and plenty of benches. Stop for a drink or dinner at any of the great neighborhoods from the Village to mid-town. Enjoy the newest 1/2 mile leg that goes all the way up to 30th Street.
  • Rooftop Dining – try a cool drink and great view at The Delancey downtown; The Library Hotel mid-town; The Empire Hotel near Lincoln Center; or the Met Roof Cafe at the Met Museum.
  • The Cloisters Museum & Gardens Ft. Tryon Park – if you can manage an afternoon off, this makes for a great and unusual outing. The famous unicorn tapestries are here along with other medieval artifacts, all part of the Metropolitan Museum of Art collection. Take advantage of a free museum tour too.
  • Golf Lessons at Chelsea Piers – perhaps you and your client have wanted to try golf on for size. Here, both of you can have your first intro to golf and even a place to practice. Next time one of your organizations or professional groups has an outing, invite your client along as your partner. You’ll be together for hours and have plenty of time to cement the relationship.
  • 42nd St. Library Tour – the library is full of mystery and wonder. Explore this unusual space on one of the free guided tours (perhaps on a lunch hour). You won’t regret it!

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  1. Excellent ideas for all of us to include in our summer in the city plans. Especially like the High-Line as a new “high point” for all seasons in our city — creative and beautiful park design!

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