Consumer’s Message to the Brand: “Tell Me a Story”



Consumer’s Message to the Brand:  “Tell Me a Story…”

Artwork by Dr. Arthur Winters

“Speak to my heart and mind.”

A successful strategy for many brands is to tell a story. The brand itself, and its “brandizers,” must be a storyteller; much in the same way that one writes a feature story for a magazine.  For example, a store should become a medium for telling its story and a retail medium should become a virtual store in which the consumer wants to shop or be a part. Think of the Burberry brand as it has evolved through its long history.

A brand story can begin with and should incorporate the history and mission of the brand, sometimes stated, sometimes implied through imaging.  No matter how old or new a brand, its history and origin is important to building its following.  Think of Levi Strauss or Rag and Bone…

Today’s story development requires that the customer be communicated with utilizing new brand communications.  Brand management has to create content that shows they understand what their target audience values.  Brand communication has to focus on providing the ideal in customer experience, going beyond the customer’s expectations.  Especially since the customer doesn’t have to go to the “bricks and mortar” store to get the shopping experience.  The opportunity to get the brand’s product and service story can be realized in the home or on the road.  The story must be told through a well executed, surround mix of messages and media choices.

The brand’s story should be able to convince a customer of its love for her or him, and the messages must be interactive no matter what the medium.  The brand, store and product, should study their targets’ state of mind, based on their lifestyles and lifestages, as well as their heart based on aspiration and desire.  A brand’s story must be more than its attributes… it must tell as much of what the brand can do, as what the customer can do with it.  Check out the website for to interact with today’s brand stories and vote on your favorites.

Burberry brights today

Levi Strauss History

Rag and Bone “The Story”

Arthur & Peggy Winters co-teach SXB 200 Brand Marketing Communications for Image & Meaning and SXR 050 Intro to Branding: The Art of Customer Bonding.

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  1. Internet branding tends to be something memorable and sometimes short like Amazon or Ebay. Often times they have nothing to do with the brand itself … Godaddy? We know what they all mean though. Good read!

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