Befriend Trends


I love the title.  But to be fair, I cannot take the credit. It was the name of another fabulous workshop that was given at the AICI conference by west coast image expert Brenda Kinsel.  Brenda opened the workshop up with a conversation about our love/hate relationship with trends.  (Isn’t it the truth?) She offered that we may love them because they offer choices for us (and our clients) and solutions to a case of the wardrobe blahs.  And, we may hate them because they can seem irrelevant to our (and our clients’) lifestyle and needs.

Each season designers give us a potpourri of new trends – color, style, and silhouette – that we can say ‘yay’ or ‘nay’ to.  (Ahhh, the power!) And, as image consultants, it is important that we first have our own point of view.   With each trend, we want to consider the following:  What do we like?  What is a good buy – that will maybe work past the season?  What is a splurge item?

We then need to interpret the trends for our particular clientele.  This involves understanding our individual clients’ goals, preferences, and lifestyle as well as things like their age, shape and personality.  We must remember that with trends, sometimes too much of a good thing, is well…too much.  Take graphic prints, for example.  We all know some people who can pull them off from top to toe and others who are better suited with just a touch in a scarf or blouse.

I often gauge if a trend works (or not), by how my client stands in the dressing room when trying something new.  Does she stand tall, look me in the eye, maybe even have a bit of ‘tude?  Or, does she look like she just borrowed something from a friend and it just isn’t her?

Regardless of the client, each season I encourage her to try one or two new trends – even if she’s not trendy, per se.  Just the very act of trying a trend on can keep someone current and open to new possibilities.

By the way, Brenda shared some wonderful broadcast, print, and online media trend resources.  Some of her picks (and mine) include:

E! Entertainment’s:  Fashion Police

People magazine

This season, move yourself and your clients ‘fashion forward’ by embracing some of the newest, latest and greatest.


Carol Davidson teaches SXF 810: Color for Wardrobe Planning, SXI 100: Introduction to Image Consulting, SXI 110: Image Consulting Confidential.

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