Great Idea! Now What?

You’ve been to design school and you’ve got a great idea about building a company that best showcases your designs and your products. Well, now what? You’re an expert at designing the products that you see in your mind’s eye but you don’t know the next best steps about how to design a company that supports your dreams. One of your friends tells you that you need a business plan. Someone else tells you to read “Who Moved My Cheese?” while another person tells you that you should keep your day job. Is any of the advice going to get you to seeing your dream materialize into products that make it to the marketplace?

As a serial entrepreneur, I can tell you that there is a plethora of information swimming out in the world. I’ve spent years researching and building my own companies and have seen what tools and strategies are the most helpful to new entrepreneurs. I’ve also found what type of mindset is most productive to creating successful entrepreneurial ventures. After years of trial and error, I’ve put together FutureLab (CEO 200), a course that is designed to provide the information, tools and support that I wished I had when I started my first company. I designed it with people in mind who have a passion and a love for what they do but need guidance and expertise in building a company that is reflective of this.

First launched in 2002, I’ve recently updated FutureLab to include new and compelling information and tools that really assist new entrepreneurs. I am delighted to have FIT offering the course through The Enterprise Center. If you’ve got a dream and a vision and need to put it together in a comprehensive plan then FutureLab is a course designed for you.

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Lisa Hendrickson teaches CEO 200 FutureLab and The Sustainable Organization.

One thought on “Great Idea! Now What?”

  1. From one serial entrepreneur to another, BRAVO! It takes alot of perseverance to continue on the exciting road of entrepreneurship! With its many ups and downs, it can be very exciting as well as daunting. I spent many years reading and researching information for my first foray into self publishing! Sick of Being Sick is the result of my journey in seeking the truth about illness.

    Much continued success to you and FutureLab!

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