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I was born in Istanbul, Turkey, in 1986. After completing my primary education, I attended the School Of Political Sciences in Istanbul University. Studied two years of Public Management, and then decided that it was not even close to what I want to do for living, so I quit the school and applied for Istanbul Technical University & FIT dual diploma program of Fashion & Textile Design. I currently continue my studies at FIT, and hopefully will graduate at the spring of 2013. My experiences in general include fashion & music reporting/writing, working as an interpreter at a newspaper, doing design internships for several brands, and working as a part-time English instructor. My personal interests are fashion, design area, visual communication, American & European music, music making, video shooting, blogging, literature & travel.

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No Time for Break!

No Time for Break!

Hello everyone, I am a sportswear senior, and currently working on my senior collection as well as all my fellow seniors are on track of. The spring break has finally come, however I cannot say that I am taking this time for having a vacation. Still, it fells like we have a space between classes […]

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