End of Spring break

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It has been spring break. I cannot believe how fast it has come to the end.  For fashion design students, spring break is usually not a time for fun and relaxation but still-working-crazy time. I tried to catch up on my life a little during spring break – for example, my parents have been very annoyed that they haven’t seen me in months since they only live in Brooklyn. I finally saw them during spring break. I also tried to clean up my apartment since it has become quite messy during the semester. However, I still had quite a large amount of school work so even though I never rested during spring break, I didn’t get a chance to do everything I wanted to do at all.

Tomorrow is also one of the big days of the semester because we are setting up our garments to be judged on Tuesday so you will hear from me on Tuesday whether or not we got into the show. I hope you are keeping your fingers crossed for me!

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