Judgement Day…Part 1

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Today our collections were due for “Pre-Judging”  This basically means that as long as we finished our garments and they were Fashion Show worthy, they get to move forward to the actual judging day, which is the 22nd.  Every person gets to show one look on judging day except for three lucky ones who get to show both of their looks.  (No I was not one of those lucky people, but I’m confident that I’ve got strong a strong design to submit so my fingers are crossed for the final selection!

Since my goal has been to prove to you that knitting is cool, I’ve taken a few pictures of what my classmates and I have done – and I can GUARANTEE that you may just get the urge to go out and buy yourself some yarn and needles and jump on the bandwagon.

photo 3


Me with my three looks (You may recongize the center dress from the “selfie” in my last post.  It went under a drastic transformation for the better – it looked like a grandma dress before!) And yes, I did plan my outfit to coordinate my collection, and yes I did make that sparkly sweater a few semesters ago!

photo 5Sakshi was so excited about her collection that she decided to try on one of her dresses! She is standing beside one of our amazing Stoll technicians Nick who worked really hard to help us all make our dreams realities!

photo 2


Mine and Sakshi’s collections side by side!

photo 3

Getting our garments set up and ready for the viewing!

photo 1 photo 4photo 2

our class had an AMAZING assortment of designs that were all extremely unique in design and technique but equally strong and forward!

And now, I would like to announce to you our class’s critic’s choice award winner.  The critics choice goes to someone who is extremely innovative and creative in their design and really is pushing fashion forward.  If anyone deserves this award, it’s Sarah. She literally put blood sweat and tears into this collection and was in the lab every waking hour that it was open.  Her technique was so amazingly innovative – she actually ended up knitting fabric then bonding it between sheer fabric, then appliquéd more yarn on top by hand  to create a whole new level of knitwear.  She went through grueling searches to find the perfect yarns and was constantly experimenting to perfect her techniques.  The under sweater on the right was hand knit – and she literally learned to hand knit last week!  Another thing about her collection is that especially outstanding is the fact that having a neon color scheme could have been a bit dangerous.  There is a very fine line between fabulous and not when it comes to neon…but she hit every point perfectly and created something truly amazing.  If I was the critic I would pick her too! Congrats girl! You rock!

photo 4

Now I also want to point out to you that although our thesis collections were priority on our lists, we still have to take liberal arts classes at FIT.  My Art History midterm was last week and by chance of miracle I got a 98…so I guess that makes me and my professor best friends?     photo 1

So now we just have to get through the rest of this week and then FINALLY….SPRING BREAK!!!!!!

Tomorrow, I will not only be celebrating the completion of my thesis, but I will also celebrate my cat’s first birthday!

photo 2 photo 1Happy Knitting until next time!

xoxo Morgan


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    Excellent work and great blog/website. What time is the Show at?

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