2 AM Closing Time

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The fashion design studios close at 2AM, which is when I left school tonight. The security guards go around remind students that they have to leave around 1:50. It is quite a sad time – all the students are desperately trying to finish their work but they have to go!

I used to be frustrated that students couldn’t stay longer when I was a freshmen but then I realized that if the classrooms didn’t close, many students would probably NEVER leave. It is getting to a pretty crazy time for some of the design students. The associate degree students are getting ready for their show and so are the seniors and you can almost feel the tension and anxiety in the hallways.

Lisa is coming in on Monday to pick out the garments to be judged so we are on a major deadline. The sleep deprivation of me and my classmates is quite intense. Many of us are running around looking like we haven’t slept in days and just frantic to finish our garments. I am sure it will turn out well and everyone will show their best efforts but I think everyone will just be happy to finally be able to get some rest Monday night!

A panoramic picture of our classroom

A panoramic picture of our classroom

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