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So after last weeks critique we didn’t really have much time to rest. Many students had to rework their garments or make some adjustments and I still have to finish appliquéing my lace which finally arrived in the mail on Tuesday! Aside from our first ensembles many of use have already begun draping our second because believe it or not BOTH garments are due April 9th! Insane I know…. I’m still in denial but until then I guess I have to act like this is real life and actually finish on time.

I began my second ensemble drape on Monday morning and I think I’ve made some pretty good progress but I’m still nervous about finish everything in time as I’m sure many of the 8th semester students are. For my second ensemble I decided to do something a little less structured but still wanted to reflect my thesis inspiration which so happens to b reflections! I found a perfect lace that resembles fracture lines in ice and mirrors (two of the items I drew inspiration from-hence why my first ensemble had so many design lines). This time my interpretation isn’t as literal and hopefully it pays off. I chose a lace to represent my theme and now I’m creating a flowing babydoll. I decided on Navy for this look because I wanted to contrast the sweetness of the babydoll with a deep rich tone.

As you will be able to tell from the photos below I had to transform my lace into my vision by dyeing it the perfect navy and I was really happy with how it came out. If anyones interested in how to dye its really simple all you have to do it know your fibers! If something is natural fibers more than likely it will dye easily if its synthetic it just requires a little more TLC. My lace was cotton so I chose to go with RIT fabric dye in the colors navy and demin blue. I kid you not I just dipped my lace in and it was practically done! (like I said it’s all about the fibers- know them and you’ll be set!) If you’re using polyester I would recommend iDye Poly (It’s a specific brand of dye that are for synthetic fabrics to dye easier).  I also dyed all my trims to match and now its time to put it all together to get the end result I’m looking for. Now it’s just a matter of racing against the clock to get everything done in time!


Monday’s drape prior to the Dyeing process…

The Dyeing Process (First Dye a Swatch!, then dye your Fabric)


IMG_2664After dyeing and appliquéing my lace together

XoXo Cristina



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