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In the childrenswear specialization, we do practicum in the seventh semester, which was my previous semester.

Practicum is defined as: A school or college course, especially one in a specialized field of study, that is designed to give students supervised practical application of previously studied theory: advanced practicums in teaching reading.

For us, practicum was when we had host companies where we went and learned about the company each week. We then designed a childrenswear line based on the research of the host company. At the end of the semester, we invited all the host companies for a presentation showing each student’s designed collection. It was an wonderful opportunity because we got a chance to learn about a childrenswear company by behind-the-scenes look as well as the chance to get a real life experience designing based on a company’s aesthetic.

I did my practicum at Pastourelle, which is a leading manufacturer of girls’ clothing, mostly little girl dresses. Check out their cute website! http://www.pastourellekids.com/

They have three brands: Pippa and Julie, Marmellata and a license under Laura Ashley London. They sell clothes at many different stores across a few markets – everything they sell is well-made and designed. In the first semester of childrenswear, our professor bought us to visit their office and I loved it. Stepping into the office is a little like stepping into a human sized dollhouse. Their showrooms were so beautiful and I wanted to wear nearly all the dresses that I saw on the racks! Besides their clothes, I just loved the people there – they are some of the nicest people I have met in the industry!
I learned a lot from doing practicum there and over winter break, they asked me to work for them one day a week to further gain some real life experience. So besides my internship at another company (which I will soon post about), I am also working at Pastourelle, which I enjoy very much – you can see why from the pictures below how amazing this place is.

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