Time for a break.

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No, my collection is not done. And unfortunately unlike nearly every other college on the planet, we are not on spring break right now.  My break came in the form of a cold brought upon from the extreme weather fluctuations…but a little rest and relaxation was just what I needed to keep pushing forward!

April 9th – the day of doom.  Or should I say the due date of our senior collections!  I can literally hear the clock ticking each second.  It ticks louder when I’m not knitting…screaming at me for wasting time, the nerves are so high in the knitting lab as everyone begins to knit their final garments. LOL.  Surprisingly I’m actually not that stressed about this whole thing.  I love to knit and consider myself a very strong knitter, so really this is just fun for me – getting to create my dream garments.

I can happily say, that I’ve completed two out of the three garments for look #1 and am well on my way with the second look  – just waiting on some more (Yes I need even MORE)  yarn in order to complete my looks.  But in the mean time….I’ll start working on an extra piece.  Who knows? Maybe my professor and critic will get a pleasant surprise when the collection is due! Here is a sneak peek!

photo 1-1

But for now, I’m going to spend some time with my furry friend, and let myself breathe one more evening before getting back to the craziness tomorrow at school.

photo 2-1

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