Pre Model Fit day

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Okay guys this week was super busy and crazy as we all rushed to have garments ready for pre model fit day (essentially a fitting before pre judging for who gets into the show). As of now no one is in the show yet but this fitting is crucial because if there are any glaring errors or mistakes we can correct them  before pre judging day in order to have less work to fix in the long run.

I initially knew I was going to have fit issues going into this fitting session because prior to it one of my classmates (who is roughly 5′ 9″) was nice enough to try my bodysuit on for me before hand. I knew the FIT mannequins were off in proportion to a real human but man did i underestimate how off they would be! My drape fit my mannequin perfectly and once Lauren (my classmate) tried it on it was wayyy to short in length. So taking this into mind for the model fit day I had to recut my garment and lengthen it.

Fast forward to model fit day (Monday March 12th) I fit my model, with my lengthened garment, and thank goodness it was not too short….instead i lengthened it a little too much, but its always better to take in than out! Apart for having to shorten my bodysuit a little i didn’t really have any other major changes so I’m finally feeling a little bit of relief about that, now im onto cutting my final garment which I’ll have photos of sometime next week. Our first ensembles are due on Wednesday so I’ll try to have them posted as soon as possible! I can’t wait to show you what everyone’s doing, the garments are looking really good!!

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