Prototypes, Patterns, and Problems!

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Hi there! OK so this week has been truly hectic. Our model fitting day is finally creeping up on us intimate apparel girls and we are all working like mad women to get things done! I’ve been especially crazy commuting back and forth from home to the city (about an hour commute for me) and its been taking a toll on me, but in May it will all be worth it.

I’ve been making patterns, prototypes and corrections all week. I came across alot of corrections to make on my initial drape patterns once it was sewn in my actual fabric (this is normal for anyone who is new to draping, especially draping in muslin). Although it can be quiet expensive draping in actual fabric, sometimes it’s worth it when you don’t have to waste time making corrections. Anywho, back to the subject at hand, I had to make alterations to my patterns in order to get the fit just right. My professor is kindly coming in on Saturday on her own time to help my class continue getting ready for our model fit day which is on March 12th ! I can hardly believe it’s less than a week away. By saturday I hope to have a second prototype complete in order to begin cutting my final garment to sew for Wednesday.

In the meantime, between working on our first ensembles, this week our sketches for second ensembles have been approved and now we need to find time to purchase our fabrics to begin draping our second look. I elected to use cotton for my second look although it’s not required I thought it would be a good time for me to get better acquainted with it, especially as an intimate apparel designer. I figured I wanted to do something different than my first look which is almost completely silk. I’ll post a photo of my sketch later on next week. For now enjoy some of these prototype photos (keep in mind they are still in the works, and are yet to be perfected, but don’t worry we’ve been taught well)


Here's my bodysuit Prototype in it's beginning stages.

Here’s my bodysuit Prototype in it’s beginning stages.



The life of a designer... revising, correcting, & problem solving!

The life of a designer… revising, correcting, & problem solving!

Here's a fellow classmates prototype of her Bustier! Looks great! :)

Here’s a fellow classmates prototype of her Bustier! Looks great! :)

Another classmates Prototypes with a beautiful long gown!

Another classmates Prototypes with a beautiful long gown!




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  1. Liana says:

    Those samples are looking beautiful! I especially love the seam lines and color of the grey bodysuit.

    I love our professors. I was in last Saturday and I was talking to another professor who also came in to help his students. They are there for us when we need them!

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