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Hello Everyone!
I have been chosen at the blogger for the childrenswear specialization this semester. Please follow my blog as I finish my last few months of classes as a childrenswear design student at the FIT.

It has been a hectic few weeks since we started classes the last week of January. In a week of classes at FIT, a lot gets done so we have gone pretty far in the 6 weeks since school started. We are busy working away on making our looks to be entered into the big Future of Fashion show for the graduating students. Only select looks are chosen to be put into the show so all the students work very hard to do the best that they can.

We met our critic, Lisa from Tommy Hilfiger the very first day of classes when we showed her our sketches and inspirations that we had worked on during the winter break. She gave us great advice and then came back to see our muslin samples on the dress form during a second visit. In two weeks, she will be coming back when we try our garments on fit models. For those of you who do not know, muslin samples are almost always made before making a garment in the fabric as a way of seeing whether the garment fits. Fit models are used to try the fit of a garment, which is different than on just a dress form since it’s a real person. In our case, it is a really cute person – a little boy and girl – this is very exciting for us since it is some of our first times trying our garments on anyone.

This is the muslin for one of my looks, which has a long-sleeve knit shirt, an asymmetrical jacket with tails and faux waist cincher detail, and an eyelash faux fur skirt. I ended up making the knit shirt and skirt in the real fabric to start with since I had some extra fabric.

First draft of my look for 5 year old girl

First draft of look one for 5 year old girl


This is the half muslin for look two, which is a high low dress with princess seams. A lot of muslins are made with only half the dress form to be efficient since most clothes are the same, left and right. For the first look, I made left and right because it is asymmetrical. I also made the collar on this dress the full collar because it is asymmetrical. I can’t wait to show you the looks in fabric!

First draft of look two for 5 year old girl

First draft of look two for 5 year old girl


In February, we took a trip with the childrenswear club to Las Vegas for the Kidshow and Magic trade shows. It was an amazing experience. We had fund raised for many months in the fall so that we could go on this trip and it was worth all the baking!
Here are some pictures of our fun trip:

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I hope you enjoyed seeing some of our trip. The weather in Vegas reminded us that even though it is cold in NY and feels like a never ending winter, at least, it is warm and enjoyable somewhere and hopefully we will get that good weather soon!

Let me finish this blog by introducing you to the most stylish great dane ever: www.mini-pup.com. We met the FIT alumni who styles Mini at the Kidshow and she does an amazing job!

Drum Roll Please….<br /><br /> Presenting the #pupFIT finale! #PINKpup <br /><br /> Relive the amazing PINK Grammy Performance Here<br /><br /> See you in February!<br /><br /> xx





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