The End is just Beginning…

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Hello Everyone! I would like to introduce myself as this years Intimate apparel specialization blogger for the Future of Fashion show. Of course I’m not a one woman show! I also have the privilege of showing you work from fellow classmates who are also in the intimate apparel specialization. We’re all currently working on our first ensembles for the show and due to the CRAZY weather this winter it’s been a serious challenge for us to get up and running! But as they say the show must go on! So we’ll be pushing through to create some amazing garments as an end result!

So far we have been able to meet with our critic Jennifer Zuccarini in order to get some feedback on our first ensembles. She was great and for those who don’t know she was cofounder of Kiki De Montparnasse, former designer director of Victoria’s Secret, and now founder of Fleur du Mal. No big deal, ok just kidding she’s kind of a big deal and she’s also super sweet and helpful. For my first Ensemble I decided to go with a bodysuit, I wanted to be able to challenge myself and create something new striking and sophisticated. Heres a first look at my ensemble and drape. Prototypes will be posted soon.

This is the beginning of our last chapter as students of F.I.T. but it’s just the beginning to our first chapter of our careers as Designers. I hope you enjoy the blog as much as I will writing them!

xoxo Cristina

Cristina Ramos Ensemble1


Bodysuit Drape FT


Bodysuit Drape BK




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