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Hey there fashion victims. It’s with an immense sense of delight that I can announce to you all that I, Anthony Tubolino, will be representing F.I.T’s most illustrious specialization of Special Occasion in the Future Of Fashion blog! For the past two years, I have had the privilege of working among  twenty-one talented young designers who constantly try to push the limits of their designing capabilities and reinvent the preconceived notions/ideas about what exactly qualifies a garment as “evening wear”. It’s always an amazing experience to witness the different approaches  everyone implements in their design process, and seeing the finished product of a beautiful garment.

Since we all first embarked on our journey at F.I.T. some four years ago, getting into the BFA fashion show has been an aspiration and dream among myself and many of my fellow senior students. It is now at a time when success and achieving  this goal is almost tangible, the light can almost be viewed at the end of the metaphorical tunnel. Pressures are mounting and its time to work! At this point in the game everyone has met with our absolutely fabulous critic, Mathieu Mirano, and have chosen the garments they hope will be sashaying down the catwalk.  It is at this point that everyone starts devising their plans and taking the necessary preliminary steps to ensure the proper execution of what could possibly be the most important garments of their academic careers.

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