Knitting…not just for grandmas anymore!

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One of the first things that people say to me when I tell them that I LOVE to knit, is that I “Act like a grandma”.  But, once they see the type of knitwear that my classmates and I do, they are blown away.  I promise that throughout the semester I will prove to you that no matter how talented our grandmothers may be…the scarves and hats they make us every year for our birthdays are just the tip of the knitwear iceberg.

Our process started all the way back in August, when we began do research to find inspiration, colors and yarns for our portfolios.  We then  began to endlessly sketch and throughout the semester illustrated two – 15 look collections. Thankfully, we only have to actually create two of these looks.


Going into week four of the semester, we’ve already got a lot accomplished.  We’ve chosen our designs and are in the process of finalizing yarns.  But of course, we are all creative people and without a doubt will make some changes along the way!  So we are all knitting like crazy, trying to perfect our swatches and drowning in all of the different yarns we want to try…just wait until you see what everyone is doing! It is going to be FABULOUS.


And remember…Knitting actually is COOL.  Don’t believe me?  You’ll just have to wait and see.

XOXO  Morgan.

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