Children’s Wear Senior Class: In a Blink of an Eye

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Runway image of my dress via!

So as we all know, last week, May 1st, 2013, was the debut of the Future of Fashion show. It was really exciting to se mines and everyone else’s garments come strutting down the runway. The only downside was a seating mix up that had me and a couple of my friends and our parents sitting in the back row (which we were very frustrated about, but eventually got over it. I blame the girl who seated us in reserved seats…very upsetting and confusing. Word of the wise – Make sure the ushers know where they are seating people!) When Children’s Wear came down the runway however, we all stood up to see, we didn’t care!

As usual, Children’s Wear stole the show. The entire audience was in a frenzy, cheering more loudly than they did for any other specialization. It’s always amusing how people react to children’s garments. It makes me very happy to witness it.

Those little models really worked the runway though! My little one was sashaying like if she was a seasoned Top Model. It was a little scary! Oh and fun fact, my model appeared in a Tide commercial that’s currently airing. I thought that was funny and random, don’t you agree? I can definitely see potential in her future!

It all went by so quickly. I can’t believe that I’m finishing up my final bits of work and in about a weeks time, I will be a college graduate. Four whole years leading up to this. I do however, feel accomplished. I learned so much in my years at FIT, finishing and polishing the skills I originally learned in the High School of Fashion Industries. So I’ve really been doing this for eight years of my life. I’ve come very far since my most humble beginnings.

I do have, like many FIT graduates, a love and hate relationship with the school. I had many excellent professors, got to learn so much that I hadn’t known, but times were tough. Work was no joke. There were a few sleepless nights, all-nighters, mishaps and hardships. But look at me now, I got through it. In the end, everything always worked out.

Now it’s time to look toward the future. What exactly do I plan to do once I graduate? Where will my path lead me?

– Aria

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  1. Very Pretty Dress. Trendy and fashionable.

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  2. Andreea says:

    First of all I want to congratulate you on the graduation, it`s a really important achievement but judging from your designs you`ve earned it. That little princess looks like it`s floating in your dress and the whole scene looks magical. Good luck in teh future and hopefully we`ll hear from you again on the catwalk.

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