Children’s Wear Senior Class: Post Judgment Day

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All lined up for judging.

So the fashion show judging has come and gone. I speak for myself when I say that I was surprisingly calm that day. At around 1pm, we all collectively carted our dressed dressforms downstairs to the Great Hall. We made a mini spectacle in the      C-Building lobby with our little kiddie forms rolling through. There were countless smiles and joyous expressions as we passed by everyone in the halls. Everyone is always happy when they see little kids garments, it’s a fact.

We spent the day in class sewing garments we hadn’t finished whilst we watched movies on Netflix on the computer projector – featured films included Aristocats, Pochahontas, and the newest Tinkerbell movie. Yes we are adults, young at heart and proud! It was nice just calmly watching nostalgic films while we waited until 6pm for the judging posting. No use in stressing at that point.

Then the time had come, where we went down to see the posting of who got into the show. Everyone was anxious, and it didn’t help that they were an hour late in posting the results. People were frustrated and on their last legs, many running on no sleep. I felt strange being so calm and collected in comparison.

Then the list was posted, and it saddened me a little when a few students in my class did not get any garments in the show, even if they submitted two. Even though my garment was chosen, it gets diminished a bit when my fellow classmates are disappointed. But no one cried or fretted too much in our group. We all know that we did our very best, and at the end of the day – getting in the fashion show does not equal whether or not you get employed out of college, hard work and determination does (as well as a bit of good luck!)

Nine total garments out of about 17 submitted got in, so about half. It would have been nice to see everyone get something in the show, but it’s understood that sometimes things need to get cut, and it’s not always because the garment was particularly bad. Fashion is a subject of opinions. A garment thats fantastic to one person may be a monstrosity to another, it’s impossible to know. Doing your best work and enacting your design vision is what’s most important.

Tomorrow, May 1st, is the big show day. It will be exciting to see everything walk down the runway. But I tell you, before you know it, it’ll all be over. It’s been a great yet often challenging four years, but as I keep saying, it doesn’t end here!

Plans for the future in my next post, until then! See you on show day.

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