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I write this post with hesitation, as Judging Day is a slightly touchy subject. For those who don’t know, after Pre-Judging and set-up in the Great Hall last Tuesday, it was decided on Wednesday which of the eighty or ninety garments would be in the Fashion Show. I tried to be indifferent, but then found myself as one of the many students waiting outside the Great Hall for the list of garments to be posted. There aren’t words to describe how much anxiety was in the air. I think a lot of it was from each of us playing off of each others’ emotions, as I feel like we’re definitely a family in Intimate Apparel. We want everyone to get in the show and for no one to be upset, but we had to be prepared for whatever happened. The judging is always so subjective that you never know what to expect. The list ended up being posted an hour after we originally thought it was going to be, as the judges were still deciding up until the last minute. Intimate Apparel ended up getting fifteen looks in the show, which is great! My first ensemble was among them.

Front and back views

With that being said, there were so many amazing garments from every specialization that weren’t chosen for the show. What’s so sad to me is that the judges can’t see all of the effort that goes into each and every garment. Months of planning and work is glanced at for a minute and then checked “yes” or “no” on their sheets. I know that this is the nature of the judging and of the industry, but it’s a harsh reality check. I’ve seen these students work relentlessly every day, night, weekend, Spring Break, and all while dealing with other classes, internships, many times other jobs on top of that to pay for these incredible garments, as well as living expenses. The silver lining of this situation is that in the end, the show isn’t going to make or break anyone’s career. I’ve heard from several professors that have worked in the industry that they have never asked in an interview if the applicant got into the Fashion Show or not.

I’ll update soon with the details about Model Fitting Day, which was yesterday. Stay tuned!



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