Ahh time to relax….

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The storm has passed and I can finally rest easily.. kind of.

We’ve all worked so hard to get to this point and I can’t believe it’s finally here! Our garments are done and we can finally start preparing ourselves for the real world! I’m happy with how my looks came out and can’t wait to shoot them for my website and portfolio! I even made little scrunchies! ^.^

I wanted to share my classmates hard work as well!

I’m so proud of all of them!

baby gurl
Sijeo’s crazy little creatures! and she won critic award <3

Heidi’s crazy, fluffy, beautiful, woven in dresses

Vic’s sensual, slinky ladies ;)

Nora’s amazing handknit sweater and dip dyed crop top!

Kathy’s INSANE handknit and incredible woven in dress… and her beautiful face

Marta’s most comfy looking handknit bobble sweater. unff

Danielle’s colorful handknit creations!

Andy’s hand dyed, spun, and knit sweater. WERK ANDY. so good

Isadoras magic hands created these handknit beauties!

and me in her beautiful cocoon coat!

Here’s a little lineup of the looks!

I don’t have pictures of everyones yet but hopefully theyre coming!

What a talented bunch they are! So happy to be workng beside each and every one of these talented young designers!

And just so you know, we all celebrated with a relaxing day in central park!

lots of pictures this time!

Will have more next time as well!

To send off here’s a picture with Marta and my little heads… and a banana

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