Children’s Wear Senior Class: Critic’s Visit and Pre-Judging – Doomsday?

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Dressing the forms.

No not doomsday, not by far. This is only the tip of the iceberg.

So yes, our critic, Bonnie Young, was arriving to make her critique of our finalized garments. The aura was mixed, some anxious, some aloof, some indifferent (like me).

Speaking for myself, I only submitted one garment for review, and that was my Baroque inspired dress. The jacket will no longer accompany it as I believe I stated before, and instead will go for my Cotton Inc. look, which even still I am not submitting for the contest. Personal choice. I’m treating it now as a no pressure final garment for grading.

Helen’s accessory page. Highly professional presentation don’t you agree?


Anywho, we all prepped with high hopes and star glazed eyes (overly dramatic wording alert), pining gleefully at the opportunity that lie ahead (told you).

Prof. Seggio informed us to come prepared with printouts and ideas for how we will accessorize our looks, as well as the design sketch and swatches. (I opted to do a CAD drawing from my own sketch actually.)

Lining up! And admiration by Helen and Jihaeng.

Thai doing some final pressing.

Helen in preparation mode.

Neutral to color splash! Helen, Janine, Poorum.

Earth Tones. Student Showcase III of these garments and more coming in the next post.

Near complete lineup. I can’t wait to show you all the detail shots. We’re an awesome group! I’m proud of everyone and myself included.

When Bonnie arrived, we greeted her. She was immediately shocked at how much we’d accomplished since she last visited. It was tough though, since her time with us was so limited, unfortunately that if we had any flaws or needed tweaks, at this stage it was already too late to make any major changes. I think if we had maybe one more visit at the stages of early construction, this could have been avoided. But overall, the results and feedback were okay, it varied from person to person, I won’t get too specific, but yea we survived it.

I will be showcasing everyones individual garments in the upcoming post. Later, look out for a report on the Judging Day (or should I say “Judgement Day”) happenings and our class Critic Award Winner.

No matter what happens, we all know we worked hard in the 1 1/2 years we’ve been doing Children’s Wear at FIT, gaining the skills we will use for our career lifetimes. It doesn’t end here!

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