Children’s Wear Senior Class: Boys are Back in Town

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Ivy’s Boy look in part.

Thought fashion show judging has come and gone, I’m going to continue backtracking and showing you all what Children’s Wear can do!

In Children’s Wear, Boys fashion is highly under represented. In this industry, designers who can do Boys fashion in a way that is new and innovative are highly valued. It’s been a complaint time and time again from industry professionals as well as retail customers, that Boys wear is always a bit lackluster. It’s difficult to push the envelope for boys wear. You have to be careful to not over embellish, but at the same time, if you want to stand out from the Gap Kids basics, you have to walk the tightrope.

Well we don’t have many Boys garments as we do girls (every student in our group did girls garments, and if they did boys it was their secondary look) but it was done! Four students went out on a limb and tried it. I deem them successful.

The humble beginnings of Chelsea’s wool tailored jacket. It’s a brown houndstooth with corduroy collar and sleeve detail. The construction is impecable. Just wait until I share photos of it finished. I could easily see a dapper little lad sporting this number a la Brooks Brothers (can totally see it hanging in their flagship store too.)

Casey’s Cotton Inc. garment for Boy. Gingham checks in varied sizes. Also note the leather pocket edge. It’s those touches of whimsy that brings a Boys garment from basic to brillant. I think she executed that well. And the coordinating cotton twill pant, which I do believe sports some fantastic white topstitching.

Ivy’s complete look. Her little boy is bound to be cozy in all this warm layers. The pants though, I must point out. You don’t see much of the pegged skinny pants for Boys in our industry, but I do hope it catches on. It’s totally chic. Little boys will be out here looking FLY!

Klazina, another student, is also doing both a Boys and Girls look, but I haven’t gotten photos of her Boy look just yet. Trust me, it’s something. I mean after all, she hand screen printed the print for her Boys puffer vest. I must show it to you all next time around.

I personally fend much better for myself with Girls design, but who knows where I might find myself in 5-10 years down the road. These gals though, sure have the knack for Boys fashion. I do hope we’ll see a boy or two walking down the runway. For years of Fashion Show history, there hasn’t been much if at all. I hope to see that change.

Oh and see also, Children’s Wear is the only specialization in Fashion Design where you’re not limited to just female clothing, how about that?

More coming! Recap and report of our Critic’s Visit and Pre-Judging starts in my next post!


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