Children’s Wear Senior Class: Student Showcase II

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Photo Filters, I do that.

I’m always so excited to share everything my fellow classmates have been doing. In Children’s Wear we are one happy family, learning from each other and growing together as designers. It’s less pressure, a lot less “cut throat”, and as I said in the introductory post – our work is much much more enthusiastically received. We can all be recognized for our unique style and taste. You can look at any of our garments and automatically know which one of us did it if you knew our aesthetics. We can all get the chance to shine through.

Anyway, I’d like to take the time to showcase my fellow classmate and friend Thai’s fashion show ensemble. I’ve yet to showcase her in a post yet, so here it is! It’s coming out gorgeously isn’t it?

Thai’s bias cut dress reminiscent of the 1920’s. The geometric fabric choice gives it the modern stylish twist.

The A- Line wool tweed jacket that accompanies it. It features a pleated detail and hand tacked Swarovsky crystal gemstones, pricey, but worth it for how beautiful it turned out right? And do you see that seam work? Flawless.

The lining, hand painted with the help of her father.

And our work continues. Here are some more works in progress…

Jen’s lace applique wool cape near it’s finish.

Helen prepping for her cape.

Cutting apart my lace overlay for…

…this dress! It’s my second dress for the Cotton Inc. contest. Not really working towards winning, I just want to make something of this dress, one that I didn’t like very much until I added the lace.

Tomorrow at 2pm is our pre-judging. Our critic, Bonnie Young, will be coming in to make a pre official judging day decision on what she wants in the fashion show. My dream is for everyone in my class to get something in. We’re such a small group, it would be nice to see everyone represented.

Despite this, I will be continuing to show you our work. Here in Children’s Wear, everyone shall be showcased, fashion show pick or not.

Look forward to more from us in C706!

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