Children’s Wear Senior Class: Student Showcase I

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Janine’s silk dress and wool jacket ensemble. Simply elegant.

Spring Break was extremely helpful in allowing us time to work hard on our garments and devote all of our attention to them. Many of us have progressed very well on everything we are working on. We have all had or are having our difficulties here and there, but in the end I know we will make it through to the end. With such a small group, it would be amazing to see everyone in class get a garment in the show, and with the quality of our work, I am optimistic.

As I’ve talked about before, everyone in class has their own unique sets of ideas and ways of executing them. With more and more garments finally coming to life, it becomes more and more apparent. It’s quite exciting, and I can’t wait to share a little bit of everything we have to offer.

I do wish I had more variety to share, but don’t fear! This is just a slice of whats going on at the moment. Everyone in class is very hard at work! Next time around I will hopefully have more photos to share.

For now, here are the “Baroque Sisters”, Jen, Helen, and my own dresses. It be nice to see them following each other on the runway as they have the same inspiration, but note that though they have a similar aesthetic, you get 3 different styles of dresses! Fascinating huh?

Jen’s little Gothic Princess. Near Complete minus the hem and minor details.

Helen’s Ivory number, with her flawless hand detailed bodice.

And last but not least, my decadent little one in blue brocade. Finished hem will be shorter.

And there you have it, a touch of the class progress. Next week be on the lookout for a few new faces! You haven’t see it all yet!

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