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There is one week until we get pre judged on our garments which means we need 90% done . Ugh. Today I think the coffee got the best of me because after about 11 hours in the knitting lab today my hands are still shaking. I was having a hard time picking up dropped stitches. It has definitely paid off though. I got a ton of my trims done today and my dress is almost completely assembled. It’s worth the shaky vision and twitching muscles.

So here is where I have progressed at this moment!

My intarsia sweater is basically done! Just need to bury some ends

I’m looking pretty great too right? ok not really

Today I also knit down a bunch of trims and linked them on the linker!

I was really scared of this machine until today when I realized it indeed is a godsend.

And finally this is where my dress has gotten after my full day in the lab!

So far I think I’m on track! As long as I can stick to my schedule and be preoductive the rest of the lab days this week I believe I will succeed at finishing!

Wish me luck

send me coffee

and sugar


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