Children’s Wear Senior Class: Good Construction is Key!

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Helen hard at work on her dress.

Everyone knows the best garments are made well, with great care, effort, and precision. In the Children’s Wear Senior Class, we are taking that very seriously! With the help of our dear Prof. Seggio and the accompanying helpful expertise of Prof. Varcelona, we’ve all been working hard to sew our garments to their perfection.

The fashion show judges aren’t only seeking out brilliant designs, but the utmost perfect execution possible. There’s no room for flaws here!

We’ve got some talented seamstresses among us. Skills we have honed, some of us for many years and others not since their first few years at FIT.

Here’s a few photos of great work in the process!

Casey’s quilting. Square perfection.

Jihaeng’s adorable jacket with intricate applique details! This takes skill!

Jen sewing her cape lining. Now just wait until you see how it looks on the outside! Look out for that soon.

Be ready to see some of our garments in the near completed stages. Judging day is creeping upon us and it’s time to hustle!

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  1. kim says:

    these are so awesome! cant wait to see all of them finished :D

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