*Spring Break 2013*

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So I’m on day 4 or maybe 5 of Spring Break which means day 5 of being stuck at school in the knitting lab.. think I’m starting to lose my marbles. Anyways I have gotten sooo much done this week though. It is so incredibly relaxing to only have to worry about knitting this week. No class or work pressure and just knitting feels so rewarding.

This week I finished a bunch of my graphs that I need to knit down the rest of my garments. I also knit my jacquard for my dress and knit my sweater on Stoll and I am currently putting together all the pieces. Today felt useless though. I have been waking up so early every day and running to school to grab a machine that I think it is finally wearing into me. I reattached my neck trim 4 times before I got it to be what I wanted. My mind is slowly melting away and my appearance and eating habits are definitely affected as well -___-.

Can’t wait until I can just enjoy the nice weather and take care of myself again haha.

Anyways here’s where I’m at with my intarsia sweater currently!

Keep you updated for more soon!

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