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Life as a fashion design major is many things, but to keep it short and sweet, it’s “Gone With the Wind Fabulous”. You are officially on your own and navigating the “The Wonder Years” in the middle of Manhattan.

The opportunity of meeting your business partner, soul mate, or even post college roommate is ripe for the taking. Always put ample time aside to complete your studies and success is sure to follow. Also in the fashion industry everybody knows everybody so be caring, kind, and not catty. Don’t believe me, ha, you’ll see.

Lastly, believe in yourself! Now is the time to stand up straight and to paraphrase Cher from Clueless, “wear your most capable looking outfits”. Be the young man or young woman who you have always aspired to be. Stick Rachel Roy’s photo on your dresser as a firm reminder if you have to, but never give up.

As always, I’ll be here if you need me. I know the tools of the trade and am not afraid to share.


XoXo – Mark

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