My Life by the Numbers…

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Attending F.I.T. is pretty awesome and has awarded me some really cool opportunities. Attending Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week, internships at design houses, and even much more. All that and more can be yours with much hard work, patience, and sacrifice. Here is my life by the numbers.

Dancing the Night Away...

A Reminder to Plan my Outfit for the Spring Formal

32: The number of fashion shows attended between freshman and senior year

5: Personal days claimed per semester for each class

3: Industry related jobs held in between programs

100: Professional connections made yearly

1: Nervous breakdown

A Mood Board for Another Personal Project

I find refuge in the versatility a nomadic lifestyle.

The fashion show component of my semester is going well. Today was the fitting and I was totally taken aback, none the less relieved when my garment draped perfectly on the fit model. No alterations needed! Next step, cutting out the fabric, sourcing notions and trims, and lastly, getting some sleep. Dark days are ahead, but the work WILL pay off come May. Ciao fashionistas!

My mentor Miss Tracy Reese & mother Anna Sui

The two ladies that constantly inspire me and serve as a reminder that hard work pays off in the world of fashion.


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