Choosing Intimate Apparel: For the Love of Corsets!

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One of the most stressful times at F.I.T. is when you have to choose your specialization 5th semester. For those who don’t know, the first two years in the Fashion Design AAS program are the same for everyone, and then at the start of junior year (in the BFA program) you have to choose a specialization for the next year and a half: Sportswear, Knitwear, Childrenswear, Special Occasion, or Intimate Apparel. I came to F.I.T. wanting to do Special Occasion, as I was interested in doing bridal design. Because of this, I took Corsetry I and II my sophomore year because I had extra room for electives, and figured this would aid me in designing bridal corsets. What I didn’t know was that by taking this class, I would fall in love with shapewear garments and decide to make Intimate Apparel my specialization so that I could make more corsets. My corset for my cotton ensemble will be the eighth corset / bustier that I’ve made at F.I.T.! So my suggestion for those who are worried about choosing their specialization is just to go with your gut, check out the BFA shows from previous years, look at the curriculum for each specialization, and to not worry if you don’t get your first choice specialization on D-Day. It won’t be the end of the world, and just because you’re in a specialization doesn’t mean that you’ll be stuck in that category for the rest of your life!

A couple of corsets and a bustier that I’ve made in the past:

Marathon tuxedo corset: took 24-hours start to finish

Body Contour corset

Foundation Design bustier

P.S. I’ll have an update with the Intimate Apparel girls sometime this week. Our first ensemble is due next week so I’ll be sure to get some entertaining video clips straight from C714!

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  1. Dany says:

    Very nice. You made very pretty corsets. I like your pictures especially the third one.

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