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We knitwear students were lucky enough to receive a bunch of free yarn courtesy of Lion Brand and we received a bunch of it on Wednesday!
Here are some of the yarns that I got and spun onto some cones to be ready for the machines!

There’s some really beautiful, soft mohair in there. mmmm soft

Then I started testing out some of the yarns on the brother machine.

This weekend though I was able to get back on the stoll machine and knit down my intarsia to find out how it would run. After a long morning of setting up the program and machine, I finally got to knitting on the machine only to find that there were a few glitches leaving my first knit down with a bunch of holes and runs, but, of course, nothing’s ever perfect on the first try now is it? With some fine tuning and revision of yarns I was able to come up with something! There are still a few dropped stitches and the yarns will be a little different but it’s a step in the right direction!

Hopefully I will be able to program my sweater into this computer this week and knit it down soon with my cotton yarns!

Time is winding down so quickly already and things are so busy trying to find time for school, interning, and working… or daydreaming about what I’m going to do after school or thinking about how nice is must be on a sunny and foreign coast right now.
I digress
Just hope I have enough coffee to make it through these next few weeks!


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