Children’s Wear Senior Class: What is it like being a Children’s Wear designer?

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There’s so much beauty in being a Children’s Wear designer. It’s freeing, you can unleash your creativity without fear of it being unappreciated. People respond to your work with a happy expression of love and endearment, rather than a casual “nice” or a bland “interesting”. We put our work on display and it’s instant smiles from everyone.

We all chose Children’s Wear for different reasons. Be it the need to try something different, by chance, or like yours truly, who chose Children’s Wear because of a feeling of disillusionment with Women’s Wear, feeling that my designs were just too youthful in nature and my inspirations just did not interpret well into women’s clothing. I love whimsical, cute, fun, vintage, and alternative styles, many of which just weren’t fully accepted when I was still doing Women’s Wear for my associates degree. I think if I was doing that now, I would be very unhappy with it. But you know, that’s just my personal opinion. Don’t get me wrong, I do still love Women’s Wear and respect all who have the creativity for it!

Anyway, here we are, Senior Year 2013. It’s been a long way to getting here, but yet it seemed as though time flew by. It’s time for the Senior Show, and in Children’s Wear, the work is well underway.

We met our critic, Bonnie Young, on the second day of classes. She is a Children’s Wear designer herself. We showed our sketches, fabrics, and inspirations and she gave us all feedback. Afterward it was time for patternmaking and draping (I stick mainly to patternmaking, as I find it more efficient.) Slowly but surely we worked to see our garments start coming to life.

Then we began getting fabrics, shelling out the money we were all reluctant to spend, but eager to get some things we truly loved. I myself spend about $80 total on all my initial fabrics, which compared to some is nothing! Students, especially in other specializations, have spent hundreds and even thousands of dollars. Crazy huh?

This past Wednesday we had our first model fitting, and that’s where I’ll leave off. I’ll have photos on that in my next post.

Until then! Thanks for reading!

– Aria

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