Pre-judging and Judging days

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Pre-judging and Judging day!

Last Monday was a stressful day! After spending the night finishing to knit my collar, I had a 45 minutes nap before getting in a cab and heading to school. We all put our our outfits on dress forms and waited for our critic Reiko to pre-judge our looks. We left the classroom for an hour, the time she needed to carefully look at every-one’s work and choose a critic award winner, and eventually deselect some looks for the judging day.
We all came back, dead tired, waiting to quickly pack up our things and have a little nap.
Reiko said she was very impressed with our class and our designs. We went much further than the expected. She would have liked to give many of us an award and added that it was very hard to pick a single one.
The winner was announced, and to a big surprise, it was me! So kudos for that. I am very happy to be the winner – as I have never won any fashion prize or award before. She added that the reason she picked me was that everytime I met her, I had developed my ideas. Also, I seriously listened to all her advices, stepping back from my original ideas and design, looking at my work from an objective point of view, and changing what needed to be changed. Indeed, at the beginning of the process, I was experimenting with plastic very much. I wanted to “glue” plastic bags directly onto my fabrics with latex. The idea was interesting, but not looking as attractive as it may sound. I had many ideas, but eventually, they were all over the place. A few weeks before I started knitting the final fabrics, I decided to change the colors and leave behind anything that looked too “crafty”. I still used the plastic, but knitting black garbage bags.

On Tuesday night, we set up all of our pre-selected outfits in the great hall at school. They were judged for the fashion show (May 4th) and a cotton award was chosen for each specialization track. My roomie and friend Elin got the knitwear cotton award with her amazing cotton paper handknit jacket.

Now it’s spring break and we are looking forward for some chill time! Take care and enjoy the pictures!

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  1. Jihanemo says:

    I’m so happy I came across this blog! Love the behind-the-scenes photos!

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