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Ladies and Gentleman of all ages!  The time has come for the big reveal!  The results are in!  I am pleased to report that intimate apparel managed to get 15 garments into the show this year!  A HUGE congratulations is in order for Francielle, who took home the grand prize of $2,000 for the Cotton Award!

As for me, I managed to get BOTH ensembles into the show! Not going to lie, I totally jumped up and down when I found out!  After three months of grueling hours of hand sewing, the work paid off and I will get to see my creations on real models, wearing real heels, on a real runway to real music, with real photographers from the press taking their pictures!!!!  EEEK!!!!

What’s next?  PACKING!  I leave in 4 hours for the airport!  I am flying to Miami where my family and I will be spending the next week aboard a cruise ship sailing through the eastern caribbean!  All I can say is I NEED this vacation!  One of the small side effects of attending FIT is that you don’t actually have a spring break.  The last 3 years, spring break has merely been a chance to catch up on other work!  Sophomore year we were finishing our garments for the AAS exhibit, and last year I was sewing garments for the Lululemon Athletica Urban Yogini Competition!  This year I am being whisked away on an early graduation present!  So I’m signing off for the next week!  Here’s to hoping I come back with a tan! CHEERS!



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  1. Rosa says:

    im so happy to have found this blog! its got some relaly interesting reads, esp cuz i’m hoping to go to FIT for sept 2011 in the fashion design program

  2. Karla Hall says:

    Hi Amy! Congrats on getting your pieces into the show! :) Pls contact me after your vacation I would like to chat with you about some of your work….my email is

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